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About this Site

About this Web Site

What does NERO LARP Online have to offer?

  • One integrated database that contains and processes over 50 chapters (that's currently over 5600 members, with over 5000 characters...with limitless expansion)
  • Member Database (Contact Information, Goblin Point history, Change Log)
  • Interactive Character Database, that allows the members to:
    • Create new Characters
    • Modify existing Characters
    • Print Character Cards (complete with Formal Magics and character-linked magic items)
    • Update characters after events
    • Enter character history and background
    • Upload photos of their character
    • Create and manage character goals *
    • Character affiliations with various groups and guilds in-game *
    • Manage Character Estates *
    • Manage Character Land and Properties *
    • Manage Character Assets *
    • Manage Character Employees and Hirelings *
    • Transfer silver from their character to another member's character
  • Copy characters to other chapters
  • Transfer membership to another chapter
  • List upcoming Events for any and all chapters
  • View a calendar of all upcoming events
  • Register for events as a Player or an NPC, including the ability to pay for the event online
  • Use an online storefront to:
    • Renew Membership
    • Buy Build for their character(s)
    • Donate to their local chapter
  • Spend Goblin Points at the Goblin Point Exchange (an online store)
    • Buy Back Deaths
    • Buy Blankets of XP for characters
    • Convert Goblin Points into Silver
    • Purchase a custom made magic item
    • Purchase Production Items
    • Purchase Formal Magic Scrolls, Components and Cantrip Pages
    • And more..
Administration functionality includes:
  • Member Editor (Member Contact Information, Goblin Point Editor and Log, Security Permissions, FULL history of actions and transactions)
  • Character Editor (modify character name, title, race, class, XP, deaths, bank, ritual magics, magic items)
  • Event Editor (set up pricing structures and discounts, as well as schedule events ranging from small RP sessions to 2 week events)
  • Magic Item Editor (create and distribute custom designed magic items for members' characters)
  • Chapter News
  • Chapter Locations
  • Chapter Staff Members and Marshalls
  • Event Logistics (automate payment tracking, check-in, check-out, disbursement of event rewards and email summaries to the event attendees)
  • Auto Blanketing System (allow subscribed members to automatically convert goblin points into XP blankets for selected characters each week)
Other System Features:
  • Integrated purchases for online Event Registration, Membership Renewal, Build purchases and Chapter Donations through PayPal
  • Full Logging of all changes and transactions. All logs are completely searchable
  • Automated database backups
  • Anti-spam email distribution system
  • Member Rewards system (membership renewal, birthdays)
  • Survey module
  • Magazine module
  • Web Chat module
  • Multi-file, Drag & Drop File Management module
  • Site statistics module
  • Style/Theme builder
  • Two tier user security
  • FIPS Compliant

Sample Screenshots

Character Editor, Skills Selection Panel
Character Editor, Skills Selection

Character Editor, Formal Magics Panel
Character Editor, Character Formal Magics

Character Editor, Magic Items Panel
Character Editor, Character Magic Items

Character Editor, Estate Properties Panel *
Character Editor, Properties

Character Editor, Estate Assets Panel *
Character Editor, Assets

Character Editor, Goals Panel *
Character Editor, Character Goals

Character Editor, History/Background Panel
Character Editor, History/Background

Character Editor, Photos Panel
Character Editor, Photos

Character Editor, Change Log Panel
Character Editor, Change Log

Character Editor, Goblin Point Log Panel
Character Editor, Goblin Point Log

Character Editor, Transaction Receipt Panel
Character Editor, Transaction Receipts

Character Editor, Printed Character Card/Battle Board
Character Editor, Character Card

* denotes NERO-Specific Features.

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