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NERO Event Listing
January 29-31, 2021
Location: Camp Niwana Jan 29-Jan 31
Pre-Reg Price: $40.00
Campaign: Nero Legends Walk-In Price: $30.00
2021 Jan. Player RP Session
Location: Online Jan 29-Jan 30
Pre-Reg Price: $5.00
Campaign: Galerus Walk-In Price: $10.00
Event Info:
This will be an open-ended (player-driven, no plot team) RP session available to all players on our Discord server. (invite link will live day of, and posted in the "NERO Empire Larp Community," FB group if you still need to join the server. You may opt to pay for roleplay session XP online at: but all are welcome in this free-form online format.
Ravenholt Spring Festival
South Carolina
Location: Kings Mountain State Park (Camp York) Mar 19-Mar 21
Pre-Reg Price: $100.00
Campaign: Ravenholt Walk-In Price: $125.00
Event Info:
Join The Party In Ravenholt for the 2021 Spring Festival. Enjoy Exciting Festival Games, and or Help The Nobles Defeat Monsters. We have an Alice in Wonderland set of adventures, a Scavenger Hunt, Dragon Egg Acquisition Adventures... and more! Adventures Run from 9pm Friday to 3pm Sunday.

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