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FAQ / Help

To sign up for a web site user account, please first review any Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy statements. When you're ready to create your web account, click the "Login" link at the top right of the web page. A Login Panel should now be displayed. Click the "New User" link in the Login Panel.

You should now be at the New User sign up page. If applicable, enter the username you would like to use to identify yourself on the web site. If this web site is set up for it, it will use your email address as your username.

Next, enter your valid email address. This is the email address that the web site staff will contact you should you ever need to reset your password.

After you have entered your email address, enter a password for this account. The password you choose must meet certain criteria, such as a minimum length or a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Type in the same password on the next line as well. This step is to verify that you typed in the password correctly.

In the next section, fill in your first, middle and last names; as well as your date of birth. Any field with an asterik (*) is a mandatory field and should be filled in.

The last section is a security question. Select a question from the dropdown list, then type in the answer to the question. The answer should be something only you know. The security question/answer session helps to verify that you are you should you ever need to reset your password.

Once all the information is correctly entered, click the "Submit" button.

Once your account has been created, an email will be sent to the email address you provided. This email will contain a link to a web address. Click the link (or copy the link text and paste it into your browser's address bar). When you arrive at the web page, your web site account should then be activated.

Once you have been notified that your account is active, you can click on the "Login" link at the top right of the web page. This will display a Login Panel. In the first text box, enter your account username. In the second text box, enter your password. Remember to type in the password exactly, as the password is case sensitive. If you want the web site to remember you in the future, check the "Remember Me" box. Click the "Login" button, and if you entered the information correctly, you should now be logged onto the system.

If the error message tells you that the password is incorrect, check to make sure that your caps lock key is not on, then try to enter your username and password again.

If the error message tells you that the username does not exist, then either your account is still in the activation process, or you do not have an account on this web site. In the case that your account is still being activated, this usually occurs within 24-48 hours. Beyond that, please contact the support staff. If you do not have an account on the web site, follow the instructions in the topic above to create an account.

In the case where you've forgotten your password, click the "Login" link at the top right of the web page. In the Login Panel that pops up, click the "Forgot Password" link. The next page that pops up will ask you to enter your email address. This is the email address that you gave when you created your web site account. The email address must be valid and active, as we will send a temporary password to that address.

Once you receive an email with your temporary password, return to the Login Panel, enter your username. Then enter the temporary password into the Password text box. Click the "Login" button underneath. If you entered the information correctly, you should now be logged onto your account.

After logging in with the temporary password, click the "My Account" link at the top right of the web page (where the "Login" link used to be). Use this page to change the temporary password to something that you will remember.

You can search for a particular page by its title with the Site Map. The Site Map page will display a list of all the pages on the web site, in alphabetical order. Clicking on a page title will bring you directly to that page. The Site Map link is located at the bottom left of the web page.

You can perform an in-depth search for paricular words or phrases by using the power of Google Search. Click the "Search" link at the bottom left of the web page to bring up the search page. Then type in the words or phrases you would like to find, then click the "Search" button to display a list of results.

You can view the Terms of Use Page to view the agreements between yourself as the user and this web site.

You can view the Privacy Policy Page to view policies regarding the protection of your privacy.

To contact the staff, you can visit the Contact Us Page.
Enter your Name and an email address to reach you. If you're a user and signed on, this information will automatically be filled in. Select the department/group that you wish to send an email to, then type your message in the large text box. Click the "Send" button, and your letter will be routed to the appropriate person.

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